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Host Family Testimonials
  • “We have thoroughly enjoyed having Jason with us the past few years. He has truly become part of our family.”

    K. H.
  • “My wife and I believe Renascentia Hall is doing a fantastic job with the students. We enjoy working with all the staff.”

    S. C.
  • “Nancy has been a true joy to have in our home.”

    J. B.
  • “It was a pleasure being part of the Renascentia Hall Host Family Program. We are excited to host again.”

    M. L.
  • “I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting Millo. As with any teenager, there were occasional issues around communication and household responsibilities. It was most helpful that we hosted her for a long period of time. This enabled us to become a family.”

    C. E.
  • “The help and advice of the RH staff is valued and appreciated.”

    B. M.
  • “It was a wonderful experience for our entire family. Tommy was a true pleasure and a great addition to our family.”

    A. N.
  • “I have loved having Hantao and Rex. They have been wonderful young men.”

    T. R.
  • “It is a rewarding experience.”

    J. C.
  • “We have no concerns or issues. Frank is a very nice boy and a joy to host.”

    V. G.
  • “We have had a positive and rewarding experience."

    T. S.
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