Staff Profile

Jiarun Jerry Xiao, President and CEO

With international study, research and teaching experience in Singapore, Europe and the United States, Jerry’s footprint in the last twenty years has covered most of the continents and given him a comprehensive understanding of different education systems. Jerry is an advocate for international education exchange. He has been helping educational institutes in the United State and China, and Chinese students for more than ten years. Witnessing the rapid growth of international education, Jerry founded Renascentia Hall International in 2008 to meet the demand for a more open and efficient system to match schools and students and to promote the fusion of eastern and western education philosophies. Jerry has a Ph.D. in engineering. As the President of Renascentia Hall International, Jerry will oversee the management of the company and maintain relationships with international agents. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and playing basketball and tennis.

Clarice G. Kwasnieski, Executive Director of Development

Clarice joined the Renascentia Hall staff following a three year stint as Director of Admissions at Saint Mark’s High School, her alma mater. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame in 1981, Clarice spent fifteen years managing her family’s car rental business that was part of a multiple dealership organization. She then worked in sales and customer service roles in the healthcare and insurance industries. At Saint Mark’s, Clarice expanded the diversity of the student population. Partnering with Renascentia Hall founder Jerry Xiao, she added more than thirty international students to the student enrollment. In her position as Executive Director, Clarice plans to use her strong marketing talent, great interpersonal skills and a firm belief in the company’s mission to cultivate global leaders.

Karen Krauss, Host Family Manager

Karen Krauss joined RH in October, 2015. She holds a masters' degree in School Counseling and has instructed and coached numerous international students at the University of Delaware's English Language Institute. Her experience as a substitute teacher for many local primary and secondary schools affords her a unique perspective on the challenges facing today's students. "I enjoy seeing a student achieve his or her goals. I am passionate about keeping the joy of learning alive in my own life but especially for the students I work with" says Krauss.
As the mother of two university students herself, Karen understands the concerns that parents may face while raising young adults in today's global community. She appreciates the need for clear and regular communication to help all stakeholders navigate through complex social and academic problems.
In her spare time, Karen loves to travel, cook, learn about world events and cultures, and sing in her church's choir.

Yue He, Director of Student Affairs

Yue has always had a passion for the education field. After obtaining her Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from University of Georgia, she returned to China and started her teaching career at Sichuan International Studies University-Chengdu College. She later on transitioned to work in an educational consulting company that provides services to Chinese students who aspire to receive further education abroad, where her main responsibility was to develop and maintain relationships with American schools. In addition, Yue worked on several significant projects. She served as a translator for an NPR program reporting on Chengdu, which later shifted the focus to after-quake relief work after a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan. She also worked as the assistant to Communication and Reporting Officer of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in their post-disaster relief work in Sichuan. In 2008, she involved herself in Asian Games hosted in Guangzhou, working as the Housing Manager for Aramark’s catering project. Yue joined Renascentia International Hall as the Student Advisor with a strong desire to offer support and assistance to Chinese students as they overcome challenges and difficulties along their way of transitioning to their lives and study in America.

Yue John Ren, Marketing Specialist

Yue “John” Ren is thrilled to be a member of the Renascentia Hall family. He graduated from the MBA program at the University of Delaware in 2016 and is happy to continue his career in education. Before arriving in Delaware, John spent nine years at several Chinese universities, focusing on international programs. This experience afforded him opportunities to witness the cultural and educational differences between China and the West. Both education systems have their merits but the essence of Western-style education is more student-centered learning and provides many opportunities for students to think critically and perform creatively. At Renascentia Hall, John will serve the international students who come to the US to study under a cross-cultural context. He believes that a student’s unique learning experience in the US will provide momentum for them to think and live globally. Building on his previous work experiences, John will also coordinate special projects and programs.

Jun Tian, International Programs Manager

Jun has worked with the World Bank and the United Nations on sustainable development and poverty alleviation. She believes that youth are the backbone of the society and there are enormous opportunities and challenges to stimulate their development for a better future. Jun’s major responsibilities are to liaison with students, parents, and partners in China, identifying the difficulties and challenges for the young students and their parents, and preparing the students to a completely new social and cultural environment in the U.S. Jun has a Ph.D. degree in Energy and Environmental Policy and Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

Weishan ‘Angela’ Ye, Financial Accountant

Weishan ‘Angela’ Ye earned her Master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Delaware in December 2016 and joined Renascentia Hall International in February 2017 where she is the Financial Accountant. This position involves preparing periodic financial reports while providing financial analysis and planning support. She will maintain the financial records, reports, and files for Renascentia Hall and process all disbursements. Angela will also manage student accounts and communicate with clients in both the U.S. and China. Angela holds a B.S. degree in German from Xiamen University in China and has studied in Germany. She has had internships in China for top Global 500 companies including working as a Marketing Assistant for Nestlé Group. Angela also spent some time as a Program Assistant and Translator for the Foreign Affairs Office in Quanzhou, China. When she’s not crunching numbers, Angela enjoys outdoor adventures and traveling with friends. In fact, over the last five years, she has explored more than 30 countries.

Wenwei ‘Will’ Nie, Software Developer

Wenwei ‘Will’ Nie has 6 years experience in software development and as a system engineer. He managed software, hardware, information systems, and the company website when he worked for Hubei Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd in China. In 2016, he graduated from California Lutheran University with a master’s degree in Computer Science. After completing his graduate studies, Will worked for a leading provider of computer enrichment education programs in Los Angeles and Ventura County, California. Will is responsible for developing educational software for Renascentia Hall and maintaining software applications, websites, and databases. Staying well-informed of current technological advances and the interests of the youngest generation, he designs and presents STEAM lessons to eager students.