Early Education Curriculum

Recent developments in China are creating an interest in American early childhood education. Renascentia Hall International has partnered with top U.S. pre-school curriculum providers to offer their software, print materials, and ancillary products to child care centers in China with the goal to implement curriculum that is thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging, developmentally appropriate, culturally and linguistically responsive, comprehensive, and likely to promote positive outcomes for all young children. The staff at Renascentia Hall carefully chose providers that offer comprehensive classroom solutions and strong family engagement activities.
These programs offer:

• Research-based Curriculum
• Ready-to-Use and Customizable Lesson Plans
• Student Assessment Tools
• Teacher Resources
• Daily Management Forms
• Training and Instructional Support
• Printable Classroom Materials
• Complementary music
• Supplemental Products and Supplies
• Certificate and Report Templates

Curriculum is available for ages 3-4, Pre-K and Kindergarten and topics cover English literacy, writing, math, science, technology and social-emotional wellbeing. The curriculum stimulates thinking, reasoning, decision-making, and problem-solving. Lesson plans are flexible and easy-to-use and save planning time while assuring that standards are upheld.

Renascentia Hall International is also assisting Chinese early education teachers in their professional development. Through an agreement with the University of Delaware, educators can earn an accelerated Master of Early Education degree. For more information, visit: http://www.hdfs.udel.edu/graduate-programs/ecdp/