Student: Overview


Renascentia Hall provides residential education services to international high school students wishing to study in the United States. We provide educational programs, expert counsel, and broad support for international students to attend independent high schools in the United States.

Our Goal

Renascentia Hall's goal is to offer educational opportunities to international students to foster their progress towards greater global awareness, understanding, and respect. We provide creative and comprehensive housing solutions to both schools and students, which provides them with the opportunity to experience the American culture and life style while receiving a quality education. This helps with preparing them for life after high school when they get admitted into a North American college or university. We are continuously seeking qualified schools, students and host families.

Our Commitments

Renascentia Hall is committed to developing well-rounded individuals. In addition to outstanding academics, we know students need a wide range of opportunities to enhance their academic and social growth. Each school we partner with provides opportunities in the arts and athletics, as well as community service and extracurricular activities. As they participate, students uncover hidden talents and discover new passions.
Renascentia Hall offers a family atmosphere. Placement through Renascentia Hall brings not only assistance and guidance, but a guarantee of a personal touch. Your international student coordinator at Renascentia Hall will always stay by your side through every step you take. Renascentia Hall strives to ensure that each student has an enjoyable learning experience in America, and to help our students become the next world leaders in their chosen field.