School: Program Specific

Customized package

Renascentia Hall International, LLC collaborates with school administration and faculty to develop a customized service to meet each school’s unique culture, vision and goals.

Streamlined process

From program design, student recruitment and enrollment, and visa procurement to Host Family match making, orientation programs for students and host families and student activity organization, Renascentia Hall International, LLC has established a streamlined process to provide a rewarding, stress-free experience for students, parents, schools and host families.

Culture “Un-shock”

In addition to providing handbooks and orientation sessions, Renascentia Hall International, LLC’s experienced international student coordinators work with students and families to guide them step by step through the adjustments of cross-cultural interactions.

Unique Student Involvement Program

Renascentia Hall International, LLC’s well-designed student involvement program includes newsletters, open discussions, cultural events and a wide variety of monthly activities to enhance students’ academic as well as social growth.

Single point of contact

For each school, Renascentia Hall International, LLC assigns a program manager as the single point of contact to ensure uncomplicated and prompt communications.

SGlobal platform with local wisdom

Renascentia Hall International, LLC works with each school to create a sustainable international program that also benefits the local community.