STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)

Renascentia Hall International is on a mission to make computer education fun, relevant and accessible to children. The company is offering STEAM opportunities to foster critical thinking, collaboration, communication skills, and creativity through varied hands-on activities. The cohesive computer education curriculum progressively builds a child’s technology fluency.

We provide exciting classes in robotics, electronics, computer programming, video game design, mobile app development, multimedia, and productivity. Lessons are developed and evaluated by trained professionals to ensure they meet best practices so participants receive the highest quality of programming. Facilitated by computer and education professionals, programs are available through afterschool and out-of-school classes, summer camp, and summer enrichment programs.

Give students a head start on coding and game building principles and let their creativity run wild. Please contact Renascentia Hall at 302.273.2009 or for more information.